Edmonton Family Legal Services

Our team is dedicated to protecting what is most important to you. By focusing our practice in the areas of family law, we able to work with you to resolve your particular issue.

During any contested or uncontested divorce proceeding, emotions can play a large role in a person’s choices. You need a lawyer who can carefully, clearly and comprehensively assist you in identifying your best options so that you can pursue the objectives that are right for you and/or your family.

We are focused on providing:

  • An understanding of your legal rights;
  • A course of action to solve your particular problem with the least conflict and expense as possible;
  • Timely resolution of your matter;
  • Creative financial planning for your future;
  • A cost-effective approach;
  • The ability to move forward into the future with your ex-spouse and have a dignified, respectful relationship with him and her;

In family matters, disputes often involve highly personal and emotionally charged issues. To work through these disputes, clients need more than just legal advice.

Whether through advocacy in the Courts or through interest-based negotiation, our lawyers and staff are focused on seeking exceptional results. We deliver value by using our creativity to craft solutions to your legal problems through high-quality work and innovative strategies designed to meet your objectives. We are committed to bettering the lives of those we represent by providing efficient, cost-effective and quality legal services. Our lawyers have the enthusiasm, ability and resources to guide you through these life-changing transitions.

Meet Our Family Law Lawyers

Our team of Edmonton Family Lawyers possess the creativity and experience to assist you in making the best choice possible for your particular dilemma

photo of Jordan Crerar, Partner and Family Lawyer at Crerar Badejo Hagen Family Law Group

Jordan R. Crerar


Jordan has had success at all levels of Court in Alberta. Although it will never be her first choice to take a matter to Court, Jordan realizes that in some situations clients are left with no recourse but to seek the Courts involvement. Jordan sees herself as a tough, but reasonable lawyer who is not afraid of taking on difficult cases.

photo of Sandra Badejo, Partner and Family Lawyer at Crerar Badejo Hagen Family Law Group

I. Sandra Badejo


Sandra works very hard for her clients and is able to quickly assess a file and give a client the "big picture" of what the client's options may be. Clients benefit from her keen eye for small, but important details. Sandra has had much success in court. However, her first option is to try to settle matters prior to proceeding to court, thereby reducing her client’s stress and costs.

photo of Erika L. Hagen, Partner and Family Lawyer at Crerar Badejo Hagen Family Law Group

Erika L. Hagen


Erika is a personable and honest lawyer. She enjoys the challenges offered by her profession and her clients benefit from this work ethic. She believes that the best outcomes for clients are most often those created by clients themselves with the assistance of counsel. However, she is also at home in adversarial settings, such as courtrooms, when the need arises.

photo of Elaine O’Connor, Barrister & Solicitor with Crerar Badejo Hagen Family Law Group

Elaine O’Connor

Barrister & Solicitor

photo of Mikolai Anselmi, Student-at-Law with Crerar Badejo Hagen Family Law Group

Mikolai Anselmi


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